Long-staple polyester will become the new champion of medical fabrics?

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According to the New Market Research Report 2022 Global Forecast published by MarketandMarkets, "The market for health care fabrics is categorized by raw material category (polypropylene, cotton, polyester, viscose, polyamide), fabric type , Weaving, knitting), application categories (hygiene, dressings, garments, curtains, blankets and bedding, upholstery), the market in 2017 is estimated at $ 9.48 billion and is expected to reach $ 12.9 billion by 2022, from 2017 to 2022 CAGR of 6.4%.

Consumers' growing awareness of hygiene products and the improvement in the quality of healthcare fabrics are expected to drive the growth of the healthcare fabric market over the forecast period.

In the raw material category, it is estimated that the polyester compound market in the healthcare fabric market will have the highest annual compound growth rate. Due to its high fabric strength and good tensile strength, the high growth of polyester fabrics can be attributed to its low cost and high performance. They are highly durable, chemically resistant, wrinkle resistant, abrasion resistant and structurally stable. Therefore, the demand for polyester is expected to increase.

In the fabric type, the non-woven material portion of the healthcare fabric market is expected to grow at its highest CAGR over the forecast period. Nonwovens are used in a variety of hygiene products, from baby diapers to adult incontinence products. Nonwovens have been used as substitutes for traditional textiles due to their excellent absorbency, softness, smoothness, strength, comfort, and adaptability, stretchability and cost effectiveness.

The Asia-Pacific healthcare fabric market is expected to grow at its highest CAGR and the increase in disposable income of middle-class people in the region makes it an attractive market for healthcare fabric manufacturers. Due to the improved standard of living and the growing concern and personal use of personal care products, the demand for health care fabrics in the region is high.

In the application categories, the health products segment of the healthcare fabric market is expected to have the highest CAGR for the forecast period. The demand for hygiene products for healthcare fabrics is mainly due to the increase in the consumption of sanitary napkins and baby diapers in emerging countries in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, the growing awareness and disposable incomes combined with the increase in the population of newborns and women of childbearing age will also contribute to the growth of the healthcare fabric market.