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  The three-annual Asian Nonwovens Exhibition ANEX20l8 will be held at the 

Tokyo International Exhibition in June 6-8, 2018.The center held. ANEX and 

IDEA, INDEX And the Shanghai SINCE exhibition name’ and has considerable 

strength and scale. According to the organizing committee’s exhibition area 

of the exhibition 9000 square meters' Nearly 380 exhibiting companies 

worldwide. It will be a gathering of high-level leaders. Exhibitors can be on site.Meet existing and potential customers’ and negotiate business with 

business decision makers from all countries. Broaden product development 

ideas and visions, expanding product application areas and enhancing product 


  Suzhou Meisen Nonwoven Technology Co., Ltd. has always actively participated in the ANEX event and has always been ANEX's loyal supporters and participants. In ANEX, Mori has a lot to learn from non-woven fabrics used in industrial wipes, nonwoven wipes for civilian use, nonwovens for medical cleaning, non-woven fabrics for wipes, non-woven fabrics for cosmetic materials, etc. The field exchanges, studies, and progresses together.

  We are looking forward to meeting you in Japan!


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